Happy birthday, girls! Sent you my comes-from-the-heart messages na, so I won’t make this long. Enjoy your day! 💕

Stand up, don’t fall.


One Piece 17th Anniversary: 7 - Dreams

It may seem big, it may seem hard but it’s definitely possible. You might have to be brave, put all of your fears away and conquer them; you maybe have it ever since you were a child and love it with passion. You might also need some help and people who inspire you and award you for your hard work. You will need to search for things that will lead you to it. And you will surely need to work hard for it and wait, but you must never lose hope in your dreams, no matter what. Just never lose the will and pure sight of it! Because if you see it in your head, you will hold it in your hands. Your dream will come true!

Igit grades. Igit grades. Igit grades.

Happy birthday, dui! Thank you for being such a great yet a maarte friend, haha kidding. Love you & miss you. Ewww! 😂💕

Watched The Amazing Spiderman 2 last night, for the first time, and cried. I really love you both. #Stonefield forever. 💘

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Sand sculptures by Carl Jara

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